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and today...

My birthplace,
greatest love of my life!
I grew up in your arms and got
from you the sacred knowledge
and the supreme virtue.

I stood still upon your rocky hills
and sang many songs about you in
many ways. I gave life to your
myths and legends and enlightened
your everlasting secrets!
And when I fall, strengthened by
your knowledge and your beauty,
I want to rest in peace,
to hear the human messages,
the songs of the universe.

I hear your breathing like a lullaby,
caressed by your gentle pulses!
My everlasting dream,
my beloved birthplace!
...The place where one is born and raised is a living reality that binds tightly to his life. This bond with birthplace is strengthened even more by the knowledge of local history. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to love our past, with which we are bonded biologically and let it guide our life. Ignorance of our local history prevents us to measure the forces of the present and to look towards the future. Life carries past into it and if we want to ignore it, actually we ignore ourselves. That is why one of the primary lessons in our life should be our local history...
Fotis D.Papanikolaou

  • True stories, legends and fairy tales
  • Traditions and customs
  • Feasts and festivals
  • Forgotten jobs and practices
  • Traditional recipes
  • Games in the ...dirt

  • Families, family trees and genealogy of Krimini
  • Meet your grandfathers and pass on your family's legacy to your kids and grandkids

  • Photo albums
  • Movies and videos
  • Audio material

  • Animals and plants
  • Forest and mushrooms
  • Chapels and picnics
  • Tracks and trails
  • Pramoritsa and fishing in the river

Sixty long years after the call of Fotis Papanikolaou, we seek the roots of a village, its myths and stories, its morals and customs, its folklore, its culture. We seek Krimini...

It is a team effort to ensure coherence and unity of our fellow villagers and guests of Krimini as well, based entirely on the voluntary and unbiased contribution of all the participants.

All those who want and can, please, help us in a better and more accurate recording and preservation of our heritage, the history of Krimini. Our aim is to collect, record and maintain all published and unpublished written, photographic, audio and video material related to Krimini.

The whole project is non-profit, non-funded, not guided, not influenced in any way. It does not aim at self-promotion and primarily does not belong to anyone! The historical heritage of a place comes from the place itself and its people and belongs to all those who loved it.

Contact us. Give us the right answers. Make your suggestions..

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon...

  Your first duty, in completing your service to your race, is to feel within you all your ancestors.

  Your second duty is to shed light upon their urge and to continue their work.

  Your third duty is to pass on to your son the great mandate to surpass you...
Nikos Kazatzakis

Watch our presentation to the sound of "Skaros"
by Petros (Petro-Loukas) Chalkias...

We believe in teamwork and not in individual actions. Therefore we need help from everybody.

Help us register all Kriminians and support our effort to build all family trees. Let's get to know each other better and discover our ancestors.

Tell stories, known and unknown, funny and sad, truths and tales.

Get pictures, audiovisual material of your grandparents, your parents, your family, your kids.

Nobody knows everything and many of those we think we know are either inaccurate, questionable or doubtful.

Help us to improve...